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this sad tale of a man afflicted with the world's worst case of ass-dragging made the Cannes film shortlist.


orville redenbacher

You know what goes into Orville Redenbacher popcorn? Corn. Which then gets popped. End of story.


sidra hospital

Pitch-winning campaign for the launch of a $7BN women's and children's hospital in Qatar.



"Go commando"

The ultimate test of a tampon isn't wearing white; it's wearing, well, nothing. 


reddi wip

What if you were born with a Reddi Wip nozzle for a head? Let's find out, shall we?



There shouldn't be
any BS in B2B.




Hey, New Yorkers, here's something on the subway to get you off the subway.



We wanted to create excitement about a F1 promotion. We decided
to take a somewhat unexpected approach to promoting the, ahem, grand prize

SHELL earplugs.jpg
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