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There aren't enough women in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math). We wanted to show ComEd's commitment to changing that. There was a dormant fridge-recycling program, which seemed the perfect, ahem, vehicle. This annual event saw teen girls learning to turn old fridges into electric cars. And then racing them. Fridge cars? Yep, they're a thing.


ComEd's tagline is Powering Lives. with this eye-catching campaign, we wanted to be educational and entertaining and give ComEd customers tips on saving energy. (ADS COMING SOON!)


These radio spots were part of the Power Of campaign, and featured consumers mourning the loss of their energy-sucking fridge, finding some peace and quiet, and a throwback to the heyday of subliminal advertising.



As Chicagoland's electric utility, ComEd is committed to the community. Here, we turned talking points into mini theatrical products under the banner 'Single Bulb Theater.' Copywriting credits to William Shakespeare for our reimagining of the balcony scene featuring two star-cross'd gherkins.